Monday, March 30, 2015

HSF challenge Stashbust

I do have a rather large fabric stash, unfortunately most o it is under two yards in length. I seem to have decided that 'two yards is enough fabric to buy to make anything!' at some point. Luckily I managed to scrape together enough to make two skirts this month. Unfortunately my pictures are very lackluster this month.

The first is a simple box pleat skirt in gray cotton flannel.

This is actually exactly what I planned to make with this fabric, probably because I only bought it a month ago. I also knew that if I did not sew it up soon it would enter the stash, never to be seen or heard from again.

I made my pleats in sets of three with a two inch section between. My button is a vintage one that has graced three different projects before this one. The garments have gone, but that button has stayed!

The second is from a pattern that I have used twice before, Vogue 1247. It is decidedly not vintage. It is also decidedly short! I lengthened it by about a foot this time, making a nice a-line-ish knee length skirt. I chose it because it can be made from small scrappy bits of fabric, which is what I had left of my blue corduroy, it was kind of a 'make do' situation. I had planned to make an actual 1940s skirt from it but did not have enough fabric no matter how I placed the pattern pieces. I do think that it looks fairly vintagy, especially when styled with other vintage pieces.

Did I mention, I actually got all the seams to match up at the back this time! I'm blogging this even if it's too modern of a garment because of this fact alone.

I did not plan to, but I used leaf print fabrics on the insides of both skirts.

The Challenge: Stashbust

Fabric: Miscellaneous scraps of blue cotton corduroy, one yard of leaf print quilting cotton, two yards of gray cotton flannel, and scraps of Charley Harper leaf print flannel.

Stashed for: Many ages, from one month for the gray flannel to eleven years for the blue corduroy.

Pattern: None for the gray flannel, Vogue 1247 semi-1940s-ified for the corduroy.

Year: I was aiming for early to mid 1940s.

Notions: Two stashed zippers, one black, one blue, one vintage button, one vintage skirt hook, and part of a pack of vintage belt interfacing to interface the waistbands.

How historically accurate is it? The outside fabrics are good for the period, the styles are good, some of the notions are vintage. I will say 50%.

Hours to complete: Five total.

First worn: On the 16th to go visiting, and on the 18th at home.

Total cost: Free!

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