Saturday, February 28, 2015

HSF challenge Blue

When I saw that the color challenge for 2015 was blue I knew that I had to finish some of my blue projects from last year. I had in my sewing pile two blouses, two dresses, a skirt, and a pair of jeans plus a knitted sweater in progress, all in shades of blue! I think blue was on my mind last year.

And so I got them out for February's challenge and did finish several this month, but not all of them.

I finished a navy Simplicity 1590.

I finished another Mail Order 9379 made from the remnants of my Rosie blouse.

It is not crooked in reality, I had the buttons pinned wrong in the picture.

I finished my jeans, but did not photograph them, and finally I finished a Clotilde/McCall mix dress.

So as a run down:

The Challenge: Blue

Fabric: 1 yard Rowan shot cotton in coal, 1/2 yard white cotton, 1 yard sewing print cotton, 1 1/2 yards denim, and 3 yards Cotton & Steel arrow print fabric.

Pattern: Simplicity 1590, Mail Order 9379, my own jeans pattern, and an undated Clotilde/McCall 6470.

Year: Various years within the 1940s, with the exception of the jeans which are pretty 1950s.

Notions: 14 vintage buttons in navy (5), cool blue (5), gold (3), and turquoise (1).

How historically accurate is it? The patterns, techniques and notions all are, the fabrics are not, 75%.

Hours to complete: I have no idea.

First worn: Many times already for the blouses and jeans, for the dress today!

Total cost: Free, everything was from stash.

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