Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Timeline shift

I have to make up for lost time, my beloved computer died on me, along with all of the information held within it. Seven years worth of patterns, pictures, writing and countless other things gone, I have some on backup, but not most of it. This has been sad and yet also freeing in some ways though I do cling to the past at times.

Of course now that I am possessor of tech once more I must wrap up my projects as of late. This will be done in stages and in order, hence MMM wrap up then my HSF posts!

Me Made May 2014

Thank you to Zoe for hosting, Me Made May always such a fun and inspirational month! I loved it again this year, and while I did not meet my goal of not repeating items more than once a week I do know what I need to work on. I also received comments on some of my garments from people whose blogs I adore, and which made me squee like a child with a new toy! I appreciate everyone's comments and I really love seeing all the excellent seamstresses work being worn in real life. I often feel like my town doesn't have a very thriving sewing community, Me Made May is great because it connects all of the participants into one large community.

And now for my results; I wore my Burda jeans nine times and my Vogue 1247 skirts seven times, my other bottoms were store bought or bought then altered of which I wore my two pairs of altered gray jeans eight times total. More me made pants and skirts would be nice, clearly if these were to be gray they would be very much appreciated. I relied heavily on my Drape, Drape tees also, wearing them a total of eight times, and on my Vogue 1247 blouses which I wore five times, also my Vogue stripe tee which I wore thrice. My Burda blouses were worn four times total, but since I made them while pregnant during the last MMM the fit is a bit off now, but I still like them quite a lot and may craft a Regency-Modern chemisette to wear with them for more coverage. My circle wrap was worn twice and my shibori scarf also appeared five times because, well, I love a good scarf!

I was going to post a picture of all of my outfits in one image but I will have to buy the new version of Adobe Photoshop first, iPhoto just doesn't cut the mustard! So I trust it will suffice if I post my four favorite outfits in no particular order.

All of my outfits can still be seen on my Flickr page here. As can my outfits from MMM 2013 here.

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