Thursday, May 15, 2014

Challenge nine; Black & White

I love black, yet for some reason this challenge ended up being rather tricky for me. At first I made a dress from a pattern that I have used before, a vintage draped front dress pattern with two sleeve options. It didn't work! I had forgotten the issues this pattern has with my figure. As is it's 80% done, but I need to do some additional fitting and hemming before it will be finished.

And so I made a hat, or re-made a hat as it were. It was originally a bucket hat from the thrift shop from which I removed the decorative items, I then re-shaped it to be more of a period style. My inspiration was 1920s and 30s hats and hat illustrations like these:

I just love that first one!

Here is how my hat turned out:

Sally Stitch is wearing the black dress of fail in these pictures also. Here is the hat on me, sorry about the image quality, a grill makes a rather lousy tripod! Also my hair makes the brim stick out oddly on the back right side, it's fine when I use a hatpin but strange looking without one.

To make the hat I unsewed the original brim and all of the trimmings, I re-sewed it after I reduced the brim size and trimmed the wire. Then I bent and folded it into a shape that I liked and pinned it in place. I recommend buying a milliners block for this, I used my own head and kept poking myself in the forehead! After I removed it I sewed the folds in place matching the brim stitches. I am overall pleased with the way it turned out, but since it has already become hot here I will have to wait to wear it!

The Challenge: Black & White

Fabric: None, I used a wool felt hat

Pattern: None

Year: 1930ish

Notions: Needle and thread

How historically accurate is it? 75%, materials are accurate, but I'm not sure about the shape

Hours to complete: two

First worn: Not yet, I made a wool hat right before Summer so this will have to wait before I wear it!

Total cost: $2

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