Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sew for Victory

I decided to participate in the Sew for Victory sew along hosted by Rochelle New of Lucky Lucille. This is the first time I have participated in this sew along, which is now in it's second year. I made an ensemble from a 1940's Clotilde pattern sold by the Chicago Tribune. While I don't have an exact year for it, I know that it was sent for on July 10th (the original owner made a note of this), the style, language and sewing directions say early to mid 40's to me. I purchased the pattern on Etsy and it included the original newspaper advertisement, very cool!

I made my dress to replicate what was specified in the newspaper ad: For spectator sports, business hours, and informal social wear this cool frock is ace high. There's no collar to clutter the neckline and the sleeves are kimono style, cool, and easy to sew. If you like pockets, the pattern provides for four of them, two on the bodice, the other two on the skirt. The original is fashioned of pink cotton with the pocket flaps and diamond shaped buttons in navy blue. There's an unusual jacket to keep this frock company. It may be of flowered cotton to contrast if you select a plain shade for the dress itself. Lumber jacket lines are employed for the lines of this jacket, which has a shirtwaist collar and snug waistband.

Let me tell you that finding diamond shaped navy buttons was virtually impossible! I finally found some vintage 1940's navy blue square shaped buttons (far away in England!) which I sewed on at an angle. My fabrics are Mushroom and Coal shot cottons by Kaffe Fasset, I really love shot cotton! I did not use a flowered cotton for my jacket, instead I used Coal shot cotton. I might make a floral version if I can find a floral print that coordinates and that I would wear, a difficult task.

I made a few alterations; lengthening the back bodice pieces of both dress and jacket and adding a waistband to the dress. They blouse a bit more than in the illustration, but I don't mind (and the amount varies based on the undergarments that I wear with the dress). I hand worked my buttonholes and hand sewed the facings and side closures (four snaps and two hooks and eyes), for the hem I used some hand dyed lace as a facing. I used vintage buttons on the jacket in a mauvy color, I liked the flower pattern on them as it recalls the printed cotton they recommended for the jacket. I also used a vintage buckle, pink with a floral motif, for my belt. It wasn't specified in the pattern, but it does clearly show a belt with a lighter buckle on the pattern so I whipped one up from my extra Coal fabric. Oh yes, I also left off the bodice pockets, because I do not need to call more attention to that area! I do now have two extra pockets which I may add to the jacket, reversible pockets are nice after all!

Sorry for the poor picture quality! It is very rainy today and the artificial lights in my sewing room really skew the colors of these fabrics! There will be better/more photos posted later, once I pick up my daughter from school. She is my official photographer after all! Larger versions of these pictures can be found on my Flickr page here. I would also like to thank Rochelle for hosting the sew along, I love 1940's fashion and am always looking for an excuse to sew more of it! Thank you Rochelle!

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  1. I love all the details of your project. Those pretty buttons and amazing buckle belt! The result is really fantastic, very pretty. Well done! :)