Friday, July 31, 2015

HSF challenge Accessorize

To begin with, accessories are not really my thing. I like them, I use them, but in general I do not make them.
So instead I made accessories for my home, a set of napkins to match my newly painted kitchen.

I used three yards of printed cotton fabric that came hemmed along the selvedges. This made the project a very quick sew indeed! I measured the yardage into even lengths then simply pressed and hemmed the last sides.

They match very well with my mint walls, red microwave and breakfast bar, and white vintage appliances. I made six total napkins, and I have found that they wash up very well.

The Challenge: Accessorize

Fabric: 3 yards of printed cotton

Pattern: none

Year: 1940s

Notions: White thread

How historically accurate is it? Very, cotton fabric and thread, made as vintage books instruct.

Hours to complete: .25 hours total

First worn: Used on July 17th

Total cost: 15$

I also finished knitting a sweater for my sister, to me a good cardigan is the ultimate accessory!

I used Andi Sutterland's Miette pattern, but modified it quite a bit. I lengthened it, removed the lace repeats, used farrow rib on the hems and cuffs and seed stitch on the button bands and collar. I also faced the collar in stockinette stitch, moved the below bust decreases to the sides and reinforced the button bands.

The Challenge: Accessorize

Fabric: 4 skeins Malabrigo sock yarn in Ochre and scraps of quilting cotton.

Pattern: A heavily modified Miette, by Andi Sutterland

Year: I'm not sure, it came out quite classic, I'll say between the 1930s and 1940s.

Notions: Six vintage buttons.

How historically accurate is it? Maybe 50%, the pattern is modern, but I used vintage finishing techniques.

Hours to complete: Far too many...

First worn: Soon, it just reached her in Vermont!

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