Monday, June 3, 2013

Tamanegi-Kobo Sew Along 2013

So Me Made May has ended, and it was more fun than I thought it would be, but also challenging (as intended). I don't actually have many me made garments that fit currently and the ones I do have are all fairly new. As the month went along I (if not everyone else) also got to see how much baby grew as shirts that started out quite long seemed to shrink. I did have several dresses that I could have worn in addition, multi-way knit wrap dresses that I made before and during my last pregnancy, however I found that I didn't feel to good in them pregnant so I reserved them for non-pregnant wear. I also discovered a need for more me made bottoms, or any really.

I also really loved seeing well dressed people! On a day to day basis I generally see far too many leggings as pants (and tights as pants even, tights! Sheer, double-butt seamed, panty showing, transparent tights!) in my town, it is decidedly not pretty! The Flickr group was like a nice vactaion from that.

But now that the challenge has ended I wanted something else to keep me motivated to sew. Luckily I found the Tamanegi-Kobo sew along on Flickr, so I will be making the Iris dress (with some alterations of course!) I really like the style of the dress, even the back zip which I usually try to leave off of my dresses! I still need to find fabric and notions for it, but that's at least half the fun right?

Once I get my notions together I will be posting pictures here and on Flickr as well for anyone that might be interested.

Au revoir!

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